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SIDS Definition:

How to Reduce the Risk of SIDS: Since the introduction of the “Back to Sleep” Campaign in 1992, SIDS deaths have been decreased by nearly 50%. With so much emphasis being placed on the importance of a baby’s sleep environment, many cases of accidental suffocation of infants during sleep have come to the forefront.

In reviewing the infant deaths in Indiana, it became apparent that many babies are sleeping in adult beds, couches, and recliners. Unfortunately, some of these families can’t afford the only place their baby should be sleeping… AN APPROVED CRIB.

The good news is that these accidental suffocation deaths can be reduced or even eliminated.

The SIDS Center of Indiana is looking for corporate, civic, or personal interest in partnering to ensure that every baby in Indiana has a safe place to sleep. A $100 donation will purchase a ‘BED FOR A BABY’. Your employer, church, fraternity, sorority, civic group or even your family CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

If you are a parent with an infant under the age of one year and do not have the financial means to acquire a safe crib for you child, give us a call at:

SIDS Center of Indiana


or email Beds for Babies

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