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Developing your Child’s Confidence

Raising a child is never easy they say, while it is true, there are stages of growing-up where you can develop their confidence. That way, they become the person who can be independent at the earliest age possible. Confidence to growing children is not easy to inculcate. Kids who have […]

The Baby Movement Monitor

Infants are very important in the society. This is so since they signify the introduction of a new person into the society. However it should be noted that bringing up infants is a very daunting task as there are several challenges that come by and it is good to know […]

SIDS Important Things you Need to Know

One of the most frightening medical anomalies today especially for mothers is the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. SIDS is also known as the crib of death which causes infants to stop breathing and dies suddenly without any apparent cause. Although it only affects 2 out of 1000 infants […]